Saturday, April 23, 2011

Unexplored Murud: The Khokri Tombs

About 6 kms. from Murud-Janjira (and 1.5 kms. from Rajpuri) lies the Khokri (a.k.a Khokari) Tombs. They are just a km ahead from Rajpuri jetty where people board boats going to Janjira fort.

You will need to have your own vehicle to reach that place. Although you may get some local transport; you could struggle for the return journey since that place is secluded with no settlements nearby. Expect this to change after the construction of the Dighi-Agardanda port.

The tombs are of the earliest Siddis (probably the black African descendants). There are 3 major tombs  - One large and two smaller ones.

There is also an unused Masjid next to the tombs:

Closeup of the tombs:

Tomb mentioning the date as 1018 A.H. (1608 C.E.)

Visit this place only if you are an archaeological/ historical/ architectural buff; else you may be disappointed.


Deguide said...

i think this was visible from a distance, we dared not to go near it. Nice discovery buddy

Abhishek Damle said...

"What survives is the legend of a secret that they carried with them to their graves. Folklore has it that untold wealth lies within the silence of the tombs spelling death or madness to the grasping seeker unless he is able to read the Koran backwards without pause or repetition; a treasure secured by the word of god. Evidently, no one has as yet performed a successful recitation or excavation."
is dis true?

Fazeel Kazi said...

Seems to me that rather than God the treasure is secured by the Satan. Reciting the Quran backwards would be a major religious sin.

Treasure being buried is possible, fairly common among kings in India, but it still lies there is doubtful. British/ Portuguese were very active in this area, they would be the 1st ones to have plundered it by force; other than that people around might have also tried it.

Anonymous said...

Isn't murud also home to a beautiful haveli that featured prominently in 80s Ramsay horror movies?