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Around Dapoli – Murud & Ladghar beaches

The Travel

Dapoli is a town in Ratnagiri district. It is somewhat of a hill station as it is some height above sea-level. It is not exactly at the sea but very close to a number of beaches within 10-15 kms.

Following is the route undertaken from Vashi. Significant towns are mentioned:
Vashi -> Mangaon -> Lonere Fata -> Goregaon -> Ambet -> Mandangad -> Kherdi -> Dapoli

The drive after Lonere Fata is great. The views are scenic, there are hardly any other vehicles around and the only points of congestion are through some large villages. Much of the path is through twists and turns of hills, but the roads are good and you are usually the only person driving around.

Stay at Aryawarta

As far as location and connectivity is concerned this is a great place to live. It is nearby to the Dapoli S.T. Depot.
Situated on a hill, you get to have your own spacious bungalows with huge gardens around it.

However, the stay is bundled with food and the food here is pathetic. Not just me, but everyone else found it the same. Since there is no option to drop food, the per head cost of Rs. 1100 is on the higher side. Better to have a place for staying only and keep your dining options open.

We had to book it since it was peak season and we were not sure if we would get a place anywhere else. This one was available to be booked online and hence went with the option.

Murud Beach

This is Murud in Ratnagiri district which is frequently confused with Murud-Janjira in Raigad district. Murud is a vast and clean beach and possibly the most popular one in this area.

The beach is very flat and safe one with the waves having little force. Many sports activities like boating, banana ride, water-scooter, parasailing etc. are available on the beach.
There are many options of staying near the sea too.

We spent sometime in the water till sunset. You can go in to quite a distance as the ground is nearly flat and doesn't steepen.

Murud along with Karde represents some commercialized beaches near Dapoli and there are good no. of options to stay and dine.

Ladghar Beach

We went to Ladghar beach early in the morning. This beach along with the Borondi beach is extremely clean and not commercialized.
Too bad we never had enough time to swim in this beach.

They say that the sea appears red here; atleast no hint in the morning of any such weird colours.
Spotting Dolphins is one of the things available here as well as in Murud & Karde. The cost is Rs. 100 per head.

What I really missed in this trip is visit to Harnai/ Harne and the 4 forts present there especially Suvarnadurg.
Suvarnadurg can be seen from as far away from Murud beach:

We checked out at 10.30 from Aryawarta and headed to Guhagar via Dabhol.

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